FASE Benelux

The Financing Agency for Social Entrepreneurship is now bringing its capital raising services for social entrepreneurs to the Benelux.

Our mission is to support social entrepreneurs in raising seed, start-up and early-growth capital, allowing to find the right investors to reach true scale with their impact and successfully expand their business models. FASE-Benelux – initiated under the leadership of Christophe Baudin- is now building on this important role in the ecosystem and introducing the model to Belgium, Luxemburg and the Netherlands.


Our offer to social entrepreneurs

To selected social entrepreneurs in this region, FASE-Benelux offers:

1) Assistance in the final steps of investment readiness:

  • Fine-tuning your business model and your business plan towards financial and impact plausibility from the point of view of future investors;
  • Defining the right financing strategy and structure, including how to syndicate various investors.

2) Full support and advice in the capital raising process:

  • Select, approach, and syndicate investors that fit your financing model: e.g. impact funds, business angels, foundations, banks, crowd-funders, public institutional investors, and many more;
  • Management of the entire investment process and of documentation (teaser, pitch, info memo, management presentation);
  • Support during negotiations with potential investors, and in terms sheet;
  • Coordination to completion, including due diligence preparation and coordination of legal advisers.


Our value add for investors

To investors looking for meaningful ways to invest their capital in exceptional solutions to social and environmental challenges, FASE-Benelux brings:

  • Opportunities that are screened for their clear societal purpose and impact thesis, and matched to their individual impact-risk-return profiles;
  • Syndicated co-investment opportunities, including though innovative hybrid finance structures;
  • Professional process management with clear quality standards;
  • Access to a network of like-minded investors and philanthropists.


Our mindset & mission

Our thinking is results-based: our remuneration comes mostly from a success fee on the financing amount raised, with a monthly retainer in advance that will be offset against the final success fee. We support social enterprises in raising funds for amounts upwards of €200k.

FASE’s mission is to fill a critical gap in the social finance ecosystem. Social enterprises of all sizes and scopes have an increasingly critical role to play in addressing the major challenges that our societies, environment and economies are facing. By leveraging entrepreneurship, innovation, and capital to address these challenges, social enterprises fulfill a truly important role – one that FASE is dedicated to support by serving as a financial intermediary acting as a bridge between passionate social entrepreneurs and visionary impact investors. The European social finance market is growing and lately receiving a lot of attention. Yet the hard fact is that the amounts invested to date still bear no relation to the funding needs of impactful enterprises, especially in their early stages.



You are a passionate social entrepreneur looking to grow your business and impact? An investor looking for impactful investment opportunities in innovative co-investment structures? An intermediary in the social entrepreneurship or impact investing arena? We would love to discuss your needs and interests or to count you amongst our supporters and partners in our forward-looking endeavour.

Check our website or contact us: cbaudin@fase-benelux.be or + 32 (0) 479 66 00 26

“FASE can only succeed by making social entrepreneurs successful in raising growth capital. The challenge lies in addressing an immature market with a result-based revenue model. This is actually very stimulating. As a social enterprise ourselves, we share the same challenges as the great entrepreneurs that we support. My last 2 years in impact investing have convinced me that there is a lot of value to add in a capital raising service. With its track record and European credibility, FASE is the ideal partner to deploy in the Benelux”.

Christophe Baudin, Founding Partner, FASE Benelux


“Joining forces with Christophe to deploy our model in the Benelux is a first important step in our European vision. His long experience in international M&A and in impact investing, as well as his true social affinity will be most valuable in building a vibrant and thriving ecosystem for social finance together.”

Dr. Markus Freiburg, Co-Founder and Managing Director, FASE