Blaue Helden

Reducing plastic waste and CO2 emissions through refillable household and personal care products /

Blaue Helden, founded in 2020, has the vision to become the leading sustainable omnichannel company for household and personal care products. These products are typically sold in plastic bottles, which generate high amounts of single-use plastic waste as well as CO2 emissions during transport. Blaue Helden introduced sustainable alternatives by selling their products in tab and powder form, ready to be mixed with tap water at home, thus reducing plastic waste and CO2 footprint by a factor of up to 25 as compared to traditional products. Since its launch, Blaue Helden has been listed in major retail chains in the DACH region (e.g., dm, Edeka, Migros, Rewe) and e-commerce platforms (e.g., Amazon, Rossmann). In addition, their products are being sold via a proprietary online shop. By tapping into the fast-growing market of eco-friendly products, Blaue Helden is well-positioned for further growth and plans to expand offerings with new categories, retailers, and geographies. To achieve this, the company successfully raised growth capital with support from FASE in Q2 2023.

Here’s a short user experience with Blaue Helden products by Brian Bojsen, a passionate chef and nature lover (in German):