The only fully-serviced platform for contemporary second hand furniture and home decor in Europe /

Millions of tons of furniture are wasted in Europe every year, of which a large part is brand-new or rather new. Cocoli addresses two sources of this problem: 1) The trend to buy furniture through eCommerce platforms leads to high return rates of 10-20% 2) For individuals, there does not exist a simple and convenient way of selling pre-used furniture.

As a marketplace for these two segments, Cocoli provides a solution to both problems, offering additional services for both eCommerce furniture platforms and individuals. These services include curation, logistics, warehousing and the process of listing the products. With this offering, Cocoli increases the lifetime of furniture and therefore adds to circularity in the market. After one year of operations, in 2022 nearly 3,000 products were sold through Cocoli´s platform with a strong growth trajectory.