bettermarks (2nd round)

Leading adaptive learning to improve pupils’ maths skills /

bettermarks is a technology leader in adaptive learning systems, focused on mathematics. The company’s unique adaptive learning platform comprises more than 100,000 interactive exercises and covers most of the mathematics curricula of the grades 4 to 10, extending into 11. The product, an intelligent tutoring system, is currently used by over 130,000 pupils primarily in Germany, the Netherlands and Latin America. Bettermarks has invested heavily in building and developing its product platform. There is significant evidence that its solution is effective in improving mathematical skills for all pupils, including children from low-income classes, thus generating a substantial social impact. The company’s target markets are now beginning to gain momentum through the digitalisation of the education sector. Particularly in Germany, the probability of state licensing has increased with the federal-state agreement on the Digital Pact for Schools. With support from FASE, bettermarks is currently raising a financing round that shall primarily enable the company to further roll-out its product, to invest in more product development and reach break-even. A first closing of this round already took place in Q1 2019.