Assisting smallholder farmers and agriculture value chains in decision-making from soil-to- shelf to increase yield and income /

Smallholder farmers in Asia and Africa lack know-how and tools to increase their productivity and incomes in a sustainable way. eKutir developed Farmex, a farmer-centric platform connecting data-driven insights on farming, markets and finance to augment farmer yield and income for smallholders. Farmex provides a comprehensive, customized support for each farm throughout the growth cycle. The solution has been rolled out to 15,000 farmers and has led to substantial increases in farm productivity as a result. The platform not only assists the farmers in their decision-making but offers transparency to all stakeholders in the agricultural value chain. eKutir offers its solution focussing on four lead customer groups: input providers, cooperatives & agroentrepreneurs, development agencies, and financial institutions. eKutir is targeting 2 million farmers by 2025 and is now raising additional capital with support from FASE to accelerate their work in India, South East Asia, and Africa.