Enviu Pioneer Fund

Boosting positive impact in food systems, financial inclusion and circular economy in Africa, Asia & the Netherlands /

Enviu was founded in 2004 based on the belief that entrepreneurship can play a significant role in solving the most pressing global challenges. As a venture building studio, Enviu validates, creates and builds disruptive impact ventures together with the best entrepreneurial teams. Their proven methodology and approach, reputable partner network, and multi-year experience has resulted in an impressive track record. Worldwide, they are the only organisation that has co-created and co-founded 18 game-changing impact ventures, getting first hand insights from every single one of them. This resulted in high survival rates (∼80%) and significant impact outcomes. Enviu’s leadership team consists of Michiel Elich (CEO) and Ankie van Wersch (COO), who combine extensive experience in impact creation and business innovation. They are supported by a highly professional, international team of 35 people who are working in the Netherlands (headquarters), India, Kenya, Chile and Indonesia. Now, Enviu is seeking additional capital with support from FASE to extend their activities.