Quality-assured social support network for elderly people /

DeinNachbar e.V. (“your neighbour”) has developed an innovative, professional and social support network for elderly people in need of help. The social enterprise has successfully piloted its solution, which is based on a combination of efficient digital infrastructure and the engagement of volunteers trained by experienced caretakers. With the help of prefessional management structures 130 elderly people received support from more than 200 volunteers around Munich, Germany, to date. The support mainly spans help in everyday situations, while medical care remains in the hands of care specialitsts  (e.g. outpatient care service providers). To scale the solution with three additional locations, DeinNachbar e.V. is now seeking growth capital of EUR 1.05M. In the next step, the social enterprise plans to roll out its services country-wide in order to close the immense gap that exists in the support of elderly people in Germany.