A mobile emergency call solution to provide safety for elderly citizens /

LIBIFY Technologies GmbH has the goal to satisfy their clients’ individual needs for safety anywhere and anytime. Today, LIBIFY is the fastest growing provider of mobile emergency call solutions for the ever growing target group of elderly citizens. LIBIFY offers a mobile home emergency solution, which allows single senior citizens to call for help in emergency situations in a simple, uncomplicated and direct way. The hardware developed by LIBIFY is leased to the custoomers and combined with an add-on service component that can be booked on top. To date, the social enterprise was able to win more than 3,000 B2C clients and to deliver 20,000 devices. The long-term plan is to focus increasingly on B2C sales and establish a central health platform for targeted products and services. The platform will bundle the available, decentralized offerings in the market and make them available to clients online. LIBIFY is now seeking additional growth capital to invest in hardware, expand the customer support and service infrastructure and develop new products.