My7steps (Ipso Healthcare)

Highly effective digitized therapy access for mental stress – stable and high profitability through health insurance contracts /

18 million adults in Germany suffer from mental illness, but only one in five receives therapeutic support – with a waiting time of 5-6 months. Through the digitized therapy approach of Value Based Counseling (VBC), which has been validated by clinical studies, Ipso Healthcare GmbH (now: My7steps) addresses this pressing health issue. VBC was developed by founder Inge Missmahl in the context of humanitarian work in emerging countries in 2004/05 and is now used extremely successfully by the humanitarian Ipso gGmbH worldwide, including in Germany (approx. 50,000 sessions p.a.). Inge Missmahl was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit for this work.

The goal of Ipso Healthcare GmbH, founded by Inge Missmahl and Ralph Grobecker in 2020, is to make the VBC therapy approach available as a digitized solution and initial intervention for psychological complaints as a standard health insurance benefit in Germany with the MY SEVEN STEPS offering. Studies show a significant reduction in symptoms, making follow-up therapy unnecessary in 70% of cases. MY SEVEN STEPS supports patients directly in the form of an app and through personal therapeutic sessions with psychologists licensed in VBC. The app is certified as a medical device class 1 and is in the process of being approved as a digital health application (DiGA).

With DiGA approval expected in early 2023 and contracts with German health insurance companies (selective contracts), My7steps is well prepared for strong growth and successfully secured growth capital with support from FASE in Q3 2023.

Learn more about IPSO in a short video (in German):