High-impact educational and informational content to BoP with little or no internet access  /

As education and sharing of knowledge are absolute priorities to build more inclusive and resilient societies, access to reliable internet is becoming more and more essential. Yet, 50% of the world’s population has little or no access to the internet. With over 14 years of experience in the offline internet technologies, the non-profit Libraries Without Borders (LWB) has created Kajou, a social business providing high-impact educational, health and informative content without requiring any internet connection or use of data. Kajou allows users to switch between online and offline via a unique combination of content loaded on SD cards (to be inserted into smartphones) and the Kajou app.  Within 5 years, Kajou aims at giving 3 million people in West Africa the means to inform and educate themselves and to develop their professional activity. Kajou reaches its users B2B/B2G with tailor-made content provided by partners (institutions, NGOs, corporates) and sells directly to the users (B2C) off-the-shelf SD cards drawing from a vast catalogue of more than 35k contents in 25 languages. The social enterprise started its operations in 2020 and is now looking to raise capital to scale its solution from Senegal to West Africa with support from FASE.