“Climate-positive” food through an innovative software platform for agriculture, certification and marketing /

Kohlekumpels‘ vision is to significantly contribute to limiting global warming through “climate-positive” food products and sustainable agriculture. In order to reach the 1.5 degree mark, 20 gigatons of CO2 must be removed annually from the atmosphere in the medium term. An enormous, almost untapped potential lies in agricultural soils. Therefore Kohlekumpels advises farmers on how to use Terra Preta (highly fertile artificial soil based on high-carbon charcoal called biochar) and humus build-up as natural CO2 storage.

The company’s  innovative software platform allows more efficient land and cultivation management. This platform facilitates the transparent tracking of CO2 decreases as well as the certification of climate-positive food products with the specially developed, protected “climate-positive” label. Products absorbing 20% more CO2 from the atmosphere than emitted during production and transport are marketed under this label.

So far, Kohlekumpels have already been working successfully with 26 farmers, thereby cultivating and improving the soil quality of 100 hectares of soil in a climate-positive manner.

For 2022, the social enterprise plans to further increase its sales and is now collecting growth capital with the support of FASE.

Interested to invest? Please contact our Investor Relations Manager Juliane von Boeselager.

Watch now the German video of Kohlekumpels to have a clearer picture: