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Single-use packaging has massively spread, causing one of the greatest environmental harms due to the vast amount of material waste with limited reuse or recycling properties. Pressures to solve this issue, both from customers and regulatory bodies, are increasingly forcing retailers and manufacturers to act.

MIWA is strongly positioned to capture this huge opportunity: The company developed a technology-based reusable/refill packaging system that drastically reduces both packaging material and waste in a wide range of daily used products, e.g., food, pet food, home, or personal care. The attractiveness and effectiveness of MIWA’s solution are evidenced by a growing number of demanding retail and manufacturer clients, including Aldi, Albert Heijn, Rewe, DM, P&G and Lavazza.

MIWA is an innovation leader in this space, making re-use possible and cost-effective both for retailers and manufacturers. The company works towards a 100 % reuse of all materials by deploying proprietary technology (e.g., reusable transport capsules, dispensers, smart containers) and providing a closed loop system for its customers. Compared to single-use packaging, MIWA’s solution has a 90% lower material footprint.

To expand its European footprint, MIWA is raising growth capital with the support of FASE.

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