Samurai Labs (2nd round)

Protecting online communities against violence with an autonomous AI guardian /

Despite new regulations and solutions, users on the internet are still not protected from online violence before it happens. This problem is stemming from low-precision market solutions with too many false alarms and the resulting necessity of humans in the workflow to oversee AI decisions, which makes it impossible to scale. Anti-virus software was crucial to safe browsing in the early wave of the Internet; now cyber safety software is essential to the future of social collaboration. Samurai Labs has developed the market’s first, real-time, autonomous Artificial Intelligence guardian offered to online communities, gaming spaces and distance learning (made in Poland). Samurai Labs is developing lighthouse accounts to use as pathways to robust growth and market leadership, having already signed its first account, Khoros, for online community management. To date, Samurai has already protected over 2 million online users. In Q2 2023, the company successfully raised capital with support from FASE to grow its US-based sales & marketing team and achieve rapid growth in its global customer base.

As of March 2024, Samurai’s autonomous Artificial Intelligence guardian already protects 59+ million Discord users daily and has identified and assisted over 25,000 Reddit users in times of suicide crisis. For further expansion, the impact venture is now raising additional growth capital.

Interested in an investment? Then please contact our Investor Relations Manager Juliane von Boeselager.