talentify (2nd round)

Equal opportunities for young people through online peer-to-peer learning and professional orientation support /

With talentify, the Austrian social enterprise talentify GmbH has developed an integrated concept to empower young people in building their talents, strengths and professional journeys – independent of their socioeconomic background. The offering aims to improve the youth’s prospects for life and establish equal opportunities with respect to an often “inherited” education status.  The first pillar, talentify.me, builds on an online network for peer-to-peer learning among students across many schools in Austria. The second pillar strengthens future competencies such as creativity, social skills, responsibility and self-confidence with innovative online and offline elements provided by talentify.academy. The third pllar, the corporate platform talentify.works, supports young people with the help of a digital job orientation program to establish contact with suitable companies. The first two pillars started across Austria in 2015 after a successful pilot and are being deployed in Tchechia since March 2017. talentify.works was successfully piloted in 2017. To further develop the offering and make the necessary investments in technology for a scaling into the German market, the social enterprise successfully raised growth capital with support from FASE.