Innovative AI data platform and robotics-based therapy for people with mobility impairments /

Being mobility-impaired due to neurological conditions – such as paraplegia, strokes, multiple sclerosis or craniocerebral injuries – creates strong limitations in the daily lives of patients and their relatives. However, classic therapies to improve health and provide healing are very inneficient and resource-intensive yet. This is why Tech2People developed a unique, integrated therapy based on an innovative exoskeleton technology. To date, 150 patients were able to substantially improve or restore their mobility and increase their general health condition. The Austrian impact enterprise is planning to build an integrated outpatient center for robotics-based therapy in Vienna as well as establish an innovative platform for the sytematic use of data in medicine, industry and science. Both steps combined are expected to create strong market potential, which is why Tech2People is now seeking to raise growth capital with support from FASE.