Enabling improved working conditions for more resilient global supply chains  /

Global supply chain incidents and scandals are the order of the day in several sectors. Increased reputational risks and new laws progressively compel brands to ensure that working conditions along their supply chains are responsible and sustainable. Yet very few companies have systems for identifying, addressing and managing risks relating to poor working conditions along their supply chain. &Wider developed a comprehensive monitoring system to provide up-to-date insights into working conditions and workers’ well-being in any sector or geography. Using mobile technology, data is collected directly and anonymously from the workforce. Brands and suppliers are provided with real-time data and support to manage and monitor high volumes of sites, spot risks, and make and measure improvements. Moreover, extensive datasets permit the development of benchmarks showing the risks and progress of sectors worldwide. This allows both clients and other ecosystem players to gain fundamental insights into their sectors and geographies and work towards more resilient supply chains. To date, &Wider offers data and support to over 50 clients with 400+ sites, impacting the lives of just over 80,000 workers. The enterprise has a healthy pipeline and is ready to build further on a solid foundation of vast data science proficiency, proven monitoring methods and surveys, and 30+ channel partners providing multi-year sales streams. With support from FASE, &Wider has raised growth capital to scale their activities and impact in Europe, Africa, Asia, the Gulf and the Americas.