How FASE creates impact for social enterprises and the ecosystem

Our mission is to support social enterprises with outstanding, innovative solutions in finding the appropriate financing to grow and scale. With our tailored consulting services and various activities to shape a better ecosystem, we are committed to help creating a thriving market for social innovation across Europe. Curious to learn more? In our Impact Report 2017, Impact Report 2018 and Impact Report 2019, we illustrate how FASE exactly generates positive social impact.

How our clients fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals

By creating effective solutions to social problems, the social entrepreneurs that we support are actively involved in making the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations’s 2030 Agenda become reality. Once we are mandated to help raising growth capital for scaling these solutions, FASE contributes to fulfilling these goals, too.

For more transparency about which social enterprise is pursuing which SDGs, we have tagged each of our projects with the respective SDG tile. By clicking on the relevant tag (e.g. “SDG 3”) – on the bottom right of our website’s side bar -, you will receive a list of social enterprises that support the specific goal that you are interested in.

But how are these SDGs exactly defined? The following graph gives an overview of the UN’s 2030 Agenda:

The United Nations’s Sustainable Development Goals are described in detail here

The SDGs in FASE’s mandate portfolio

Are you curious how extensively the SDGs are represented in the portfolio of social enterprise mandates that FASE has supported since inception? Here are two illustrations as of year end 2020:

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