FASE – The Financing Agency for Social Entrepreneurship

Our mission

FASE has the vision to create a thriving ecosystem for social innovation by boosting impact finance across Europe. We are passionate about building bridges between outstanding social entrepreneurs and investors inspired by the idea to create a sustainable, positive impact.  By helping our clients to raise capital in a highly professional way, we improve their chances to achieve impact at scale. So far, we have channelled more than 50 million EUR with 75+ successfully closed transactions to the sector.

Our value add

At the heart of our activities is our drive to find the right kind of investors for every passionate entrepreneur we support.  Our biggest value add is our team’s know-how and our network of funders. We cover the entire universe of “financing planets” – from private investors, philanthropists, family offices and business angels, to foundations, impact funds, ethical banks and public funders. To them, we offer inspiring opportunities to create tangible impact by investing directly into enterprises that fit their individual preferences.

Our tools

Our toolbox includes state-of-the-art financing models that we are able adapt to each specific transaction. This allows us to bridge the needs of the entrepreneurs and investors involved so they can effectively work together to create the change they want to see in the world.

Does your social enterprise need a financial boost to grow and scale? Find out how we can help you.

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Where you can find us

FASE is active across Europe. Are you a social entrepreneur and eager to get in touch with our team members? FIND ALL RELEVANT CONTACTS HERE

What others say about us

We are pleased to have worked with many entrepreneurs and investors to date. Would you like to learn what they value most about FASE? HEAR THE VOICES OF OUR AMBASSADORS or LISTEN TO THE EXPERIENCES OF  SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS

How we contribute to the sdg

Do you focus on a specific Sustainable Development Goal or would like to know how FASE is contributing to the SDGs? WE HAVE SDG-TAGGED OUR CLIENT PORTFOLIO AND REPORT ABOUT OUR IMPACT HERE

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