FASE – Financing Agency for Social Entrepreneurship

We connect social entrepreneurs with investors to maximize social impact.

The Financing Agency for Social Entrepreneurship (FASE) supports selected social enterprises in raising growth capital. We identify investors and financiers across the entire spectrum, ranging from private investors, family offices and foundations to social investors and banks. We specifically focus on combining several types of investors and different financing instruments. This is in order to develop innovative financing approaches that can serve as role models and blueprints. FASE is an independent organisation; we care deeply about the social and environmental impact of our projects and seek to advance the social finance sector.

Our mission is to assist social enterprises with outstanding concepts in finding appropriate financing. Thus, we contribute to the evolution of a financial infrastructure for social innovations. Through our consulting, we enable social enterprises to finance significant growth steps across the often rigid boundaries between donors, investors and the public sector. Our goal is to offer solutions to one of the most challenging obstacles – the expansion of social innovation in Germany – and to create a rich ecosystem for impact investing..

Strategic Financing Gap

What we offer to social enterprises

  • Support in developing your business model to the point where you are ready for investment
  • Identification of potential investors and recommendations for your ideal financing solution
  • Comprehensive consulting, coordination and guidance throughout the entire investment and transaction process

What we offer to investors and supporters

  • Access to a pipeline of outstanding, investment-ready social enterprises
  • Impact investing opportunities tailored to your specific needs
  • Clearly structured investment processes

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