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Are you inspired by entrepreneurs who strive to achieve lasting positive change for people and the planet? Whether climate change, hunger, migration, poverty or health: To solve the world’s most pressing challenges, innovative social and ecological solutions are key. By letting your capital work for positive impact in Europe or in developing countries, you can make an important contribution to leveraging these innovations and ensuring that they can reach scale in a sustainable way. Get ready to invest with and for impact and multiply your positive footprint! This is an excellent opportunity to support the achievement of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The way we work

Why to directly invest in impact

As an impact investor, you get the chance to engage in a direct and tangible way in innovative solutions created by outstanding social entrepreneurs.  In addition to an attractive financial return, you achieve a measurable social and environmental impact from day one. Become part of the vision and experience first hand what it means to create impact by collaborating with passionate social entrepreneurs.

The value we provide to you

By being part of the FASE investor network you get access to a pre-selected pipeline of excellent social enterprises looking for financial partners. We cover a broad range of impact themes, financing sizes and geographic regions where impact is being created on the ground. Our network is open to all types of investors, whether high net worth individuals, business angels, family offices, foundations, banks, corporates, impact and social venture funds or public funders. Do you have a clearly defined risk-return-impact profile and are ready to dive right into our pipeline? Or would you like to tap into impact investing more slowly and make your very first direct investment? Depending on your preferences and levels of experience we open our pipeline for you in a very targeted and indvidualized way.

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It is completely up to you to decide if and when you would like to identify a specific social enterprise from our pipeline as an attractive investment candidate. In each case, the experienced FASE team partners up with the respective social entrepreneurs to ensure a transparent, reliable and efficient transaction process.  Our service spans from establishing first contact to providing access to due diligence information to investment structuring to facilitating a concrete agreement for a (financial) collaboration with your favorite investee.

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