Your goal

Do you aim to invest in social innovation and sustainability and want to go for more than just financial returns? Are you looking for meaningful ways to invest your capital in exceptional solutions to social and environmental challenges? Are you interested in co-investments or intend to shape new financing models in the social sector? Then FASE is the right partner for you.


Our value add

We guide exceptional social enterprises on their path to investment-readiness. We also advise them on every step of preparing and shaping their business plans for successfully raising growth capital. Therefore, we are able to offer you the following value add:

  • Access to exceptional social entrepreneurs that present direct investment and funding opportunities
  • A portfolio of diverse investments and funding opportunities, tailored to your personal preferences as an investor
  • Professional process management with clear quality standards (similar to ‘classic’ investment processes)
  • Access to a broad network of like-minded impact investors and philanthropists

Our main goal is to connect different types of investors through tailored funding models, with a specific focus on innovative approaches. These models are meant to serve as pilots and blueprints to create more traction for investments in social enterprises in the market.