Our mission is to assist social enterprises with outstanding concepts in finding appropriate financing. We want to help shaping a financial ecosystem for social innovations. Through our consulting we aim to enable social enterprises to finance significant growth steps across the often rigid boundaries between donors, investors and the public sector. Therefore, we can offer solutions to one of the most challenging obstacles that prevent the expansion of social innovation in Germany – and create a rich ecosystem for impact investing.

In order to carry out the work of FASE, we are currently funded by the Apax Foundation, the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and a family office. This support, in addition to Ashoka, was crucial to establish the driving force of FASE and bring the right team together.

On their way to investment readiness, many social enterprises face a number of legal and tax issues or need assistance in developing their business models. In order to support the social enterprises best, FASE collaborates with a network of selected pro bono partners.

Especially short-term or ad hoc advice is a tremendous help for social enterprises.