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“The unique set-up and co-investment from the ESIIF have provided us with the necessary boost to follow our scaling plan and to close our ongoing financing round at the initial target. For us as a European impact start-up that delivers results outside of Europe, the fact that the ESIIF targets our stage of development and is agnostic in terms of geographic focus and sector is something you rarely find in the financing world.“

Lennart Budelmann / aQysta
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„Collaborating with FASE was simply fantastic. It was the first time I learned how to properly prepare business and financial plans. Our common pitch events were always fun. There is 100 percent trust between us and I can recommend this path wholeheartedly to any of my social entrepreneur peers. Without FASE, it wouldn’t have been possible for us to access these types of investors and the impact capital we raised.“

Robert Greve / SWiM Bildung & Studio2B
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“The great thing about impact investing is that with every Euro you invest, you can achieve positive impact more than once. What we appreciated about our collaboration with FASE was that the investors in FASE’s network have already understood this principle. In addition, we and other social enterprises that FASE has worked with can inspire people to overcome this mental and sometimes administrative hurdle. Some of our philanthropic partners already old us that they would like to do an impact investment next time, rather than donating again.”

Zarah Bruhn / Social-Bee
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„The first financing round with support from FASE was a very exciting experience for us, since it has created a great foundation for the following round. Without it, we wouldn’t have been able to learn important aspects such as driving our business plan forward or gathering practical experience from a professionally managed transaction process. I haven’t received a lot of great advice in my life, but the feedback from FASE and the insights I gained in the mindsets of investors were extremely valuable to me.“

Christoph Schmitz / Ackerdemia & AckerCompany
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„Due to matching the financing amounts that we raised from direct investors 1:1, the ESIIF brought us one big step closer to our vision to place the topic of food saving right into the heart of society and give people a simple tool to become part of the solution by buying food from our online shop. For impact startups such as us, the ESIIF is an important component to scale innovations and enable a functioning ecosystem for social finance.“

Raphael Fellmer / SIRPLUS
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“Collaborating with FASE prepared us really well to communicate in the “investor language”. Of course, the same applied to the investors themselves. Through FASE, they knew exactly what it means to make an impact investment. This is why I appreciate this process and translation service so much: without FASE, the “language barrier” would have been much higher.”

Felix Schäfer / Bürgerwerke
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With the help of FASE, we were successful in finding the right investor for our social enterprise. Based on the investment, we can make our theme book boxes known throughout Germany, so that more schools are able to benefit from our offer.

Lisa Eineter / Schmökerkisten
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“Our collaboration with FASE was on eye level and very structured. Without FASE, we wouldn’t have been able to access this type of investors.”

Oliver Queck / Jobkraftwerk
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Dr. Frank Hoffmann

“FASE helped us in the negotiations with investors and supported us with a lot of advice – an important assistance to set up our hybrid business model!”

Dr. Frank Hoffmann / Discovering Hands
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