Join us in 2023 to discuss the hottest topics in impact investing!

Very much like last year, our IMPACT FIRE TALKS 2023 will allow pioneers, movers and shapers to discover or rekindle their fire for impact, challenge the status quo and talk practice. In 2023, our Fire Talks will take place throughout the entire year! Enjoy our inspiring sessions over lunchtime that will boost your passion for impact with highly interactive formats, real-life cases and great experts, pioneers and speakers. FASE and our event partners thank you for joining us on the journey for more and deeper impact.

Stay tuned as we announce the hot topics and session dates for 2023!

Who came to our Impact Fire Talks 2022

New to our Impact Fire Talks? Check out these 2 hot topics from 2022

How do we link incentives to impact? Impact investors have been circling around this topic for quite a while. The first thought that typically comes to mind is linking a fund manager’s carried interest to impact. Also, when asked how to bake impact incentives into investments, most professionals jump right into the topic of impact bonds. But how can we directly incentivise the entrepreneurs on the ground and encourage them to achieve more impact? This session was hosted by Martijn Blom, EVPA & Laura Catana, FASE.

The Pioneers Post article on Impact-Linked Finance

We often fall prey to the unrealistic search of unicorns in the impact space. But aren’t most impact ventures actually zebras that are rarely able to provide a 10x exit opportunity? So how can we rethink exits for zebras in a way that avoids mission drift, while remunerating investors for taking the risks? In this session, we discovered uncharted territory with different exit scenarios that include – but are far from being limited to – the typical VC exit route. The hosts of this session were Kristin Siegel, TONIIC & Christoph Rohde, FASE.

The Pioneers Post article on Responsible Exits

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The FASE Impact Fire Talks are supported by the Kompetenzzentrum für Soziale Innovationen Deutschland (National Competence Center for Social Innovation Germany), co-financed by the European Union.