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Learn how to “Structure Hybrid Impact Investments”

Do you want to help close the “missing middle”? Join the next cohort or study by yourself

Are you an investment expert with an asset management firm, family office, or foundation, or active as an investor or business angel yourself? Would you like to learn how to design innovative deal structures that effectively address the funding gap of (early-stage) impact ventures?

With this unique training course designed by FASE in partnership with Efiko Academy, you can discover the creative side of impact finance. Learn how to mitigate risks and empower impact missions with state-of-the-art deal structures and lead by example. With over 6 hours of practice-driven content, you’ll be equipped to implement innovative instruments such as revenue-sharing agreements, impact-linked finance, layered fund structures and redeemable equity. Book an in-house training for your team, join a live cohort or enrol in the self-paced training. Get ready to tackle the missing middle challenge with us and see you at Efiko Academy!

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For impact pioneers, movers and shapers

FASE Impact Fire Talks 2023

Do you want to join us again to discuss the hottest topics in impact investing with pioneers and peers?

This “hot” event by FASE, with event partners TONIIC, EBAN, EVPA, Bundesinitiative Impact Investing and support from the EIB Institute, (re)kindled the fire for impact with around 200 participants in 2022 – and it will come again in 2023! Find the new dates and sessions starting April 2023 on the IMPACT FIRE TALKS page!

For impact fans on both sides of the equation

More Impact for Lunch

Are you looking for a delicious, light and healthy lunch spiced up with a splash of impact?

Then join us regularly for our “MORE IMPACT FOR LUNCH” series. We invite experts from both sides – investors and ventures – to discuss about the best ingredients, recipes and solutions for specific impact sectors. If you’re rather into the best financial tools and instruments, this is your not-to-miss lunch, too. Check out our new event page or our LinkedIn account for the next lunch to come!