FASE – Our Team

Dr. Markus Freiburg

Founder & Managing Director

Ellinor Schweyer

Founder & Managing Director

Karsten Zengerling

Senior Advisor

Simone Pourier

Regional Manager The Netherlands

Zsolt Pethe

Regional Manager CEE

Dr. Adrian Fuchs

Transaction Manager

Magdalena Keus

Investor Relations Manager & Executive Assistant to the Managing Directors

Laura Catana

European Investor Relations Manager

Blanca Pohl

Finance and Accounting Manager

Christina Moehrle

Communications Manager

Pro Bono Advisors

Martin Hahn

Senior Advisor

Alexandra Heraeus


Thomas Knaack

Senior Advisor

Sabine Kaiser

Senior Advisor

Dorothee Vogt

Senior Advisor

Jamy Goewie

Senior Advisor

Initiators and Co-Founders

The financing agency was initiated by one of its major shareholders, Ashoka – the first and leading organization in support of social entrepreneurship worldwide.

Felix Oldenburg

Secretary General of the Association for German Foundations

Bjoern Struewer

Founder and CEO of Roots of Impact

External Supporters

Around the core team is a support circle of experienced experts, donors and investors – from entrepreneurial families to the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt:

Markus Hipp

Director of the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt

Andreas Lange

Senior Advisor

Thomas Jetter

Senior Advisor