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Then join us for our regular MORE IMPACT FOR LUNCH series. This is where we invite experts from both sides – investors and entrepreneurs – to discuss about the best ingredients and recipes for specific impact sectors and solutions. If you’d like to get in touch with spicy variations to the impact finance toolbox, this is your not-to-miss lunch meeting. Check out this page or our LinkedIn account for the next lunch to come!

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More Impact for Lunch series in 2023

The SDG 12 Lunch – March 16, 2023

Did you know that 400 million tonnes of plastic waste are produced every year? An incredible one third goes into packaging alone. This is why responsible production & consumption (SDG 12) stand out as one of the primary topics to build a greener future. In addition to the significant environmental & climate implications, impact investors and ventures can also leverage on new regulations and the mega trend towards sustainability. Considering the attractive business opportunities that come with it, not only impact investors jump on circularity and responsible resource management right now. So it’s legitimate to ask: What is the investor additionality of pursuing such a holistic, conscious investing strategy? And how can we avoid the risk of mission drifts?

Our experts Chi Impact Capital and Vytal had a great honest-to-heart discussion with our audience. Stay tuned for the recording to come or check out the LinkedIn post with the key insights!

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The Supply Chain Lunch – February 9, 2023

Global supply chains are facing tremendous pressure from new regulations and consumers’ mindset shift towards ethically sourced and eco-friendly products. At the same time, innovative solutions for a more a responsible design and management of global supply chains are opening up new impact investment opportunities. Our expertes Dr. Julius Emmrich and Dr. Samuel Knauss – the Co-Founders of ELUCID – as well as Danny Smith – Regional Director for Katapult Africa – took us on a deep dive that nurtured passionate discussions on how businesses, consumers, investors, and regulators can become part of the solution.

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The Macroeconomic Lunch – November 9, 2022

The European Investment Fund (EIF) published its 2022 VC Survey, which paints a gloomy picture: The fundraising climate in the VC market is at a record low. Many VCs expect exit prices to decrease, access to finance for portfolio companies to deteriorate, and building co-investor coalitions to become harder. But do their impact-driven counterparts share the same views, conclusions and expectations? Or are they in for the long run, more committed than ever to drive positive, measurable change? Together with our experts Dr. Antonia Botsari (EIF), Harry Davies (Ceniarth) and Dr. Christin ter Braak-Forstinger (Chi Impact Capital) we had a truly inspiring talk on the future of impact investing that has revealed much more silver linings than doom. Read more in our PIONEERS POST ARTICLE!

The Pioneers Post article on the Impact Investing Outlook

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