The ESIIF: Get investment to scale your impact!

Are you an early-stage European social enterprise seeking capital to scale and thrive? Our European Social Innovation and Impact Fund (ESIIF) provides a unique opportunity to build bridges for impact between investors and investees. The ESIIF had its final closing in 2022 and has kicked off its investment activities since.

Why to engage with the ESIIF

Impact investments made easier

The ESIIF has been brewing in our minds and hearts for quite some time, until we teamed up with avesco Financial Services and the European Investment Fund (EIF) to make this unique mezzanine impact fund become reality.  The combination of features is one-of-its-kind and has been specifically created to provide European social enterprises in early stages with suitable capital to scale their innovative solutions. The mission behind ESIIF is to create a strong boost for the social finance ecosystem and overcome persistent hurdles. FASE’s long-term expertise is an important element in making this happen. Our experienced team ensures a careful selection of investment-ready, impactful social enterprise targets for the ESIIF. Avesco, a seasoned financial service provider in the area of sustainable investing, acts as the fund’s manager. Another important partner is the European Investment Fund, who provides the fund with the so-called EaSI Guarantee mechanism as part of the European Union’s initiative to support social enterprises in their roles as agents of innovation. Curious to learn more? For German-speaking investors, the official ESIIF website is here.

The official ESIIF page (in German)

What makes the ESIIF special

“The unique set-up and co-investment from the ESIIF have provided us with the necessary boost to follow our scaling plan and to close our ongoing financing round at the initial target. For us as a European impact start-up that delivers results outside of Europe, the fact that the ESIIF targets our stage of development and is agnostic in terms of geographic focus and sector is something you rarely find in the financing world.“

Lennart Budelmann, aQysta

Are you a social entrepreneur seeking capital?

The ESIIF is a matching fund: If certain criteria have been met, the fund can double the financing amount that an early-stage social enterprise receives from one or several direct investors. First, there needs to be a collaboration with FASE in place. How exactly our experienced team works with social entrepreneurs and which value we can add is explained here.

Are you a social entrepreneur and interested to work with us?