Get the capital you need to scale!

Are you a social entrepreneur with a passion for creating exceptional social and/or environmental impact in Europe or in developing countries? Do you have a proof of concept of your model and would like to partner with the right kind of investors to grow? Are you familiar with the entire range of financing models that will allow your business to thrive? Do you seek repayable capital (debt, mezzanine or equity) in the size of around 500,000 to 5 million EUR? Whether you are based in Europe or an international venture wishing to expand to our home turf, our team is keen to share its vast know-how and network with you.

What our offering includes

Our financing solutions, ranging from debt to equity to hybrid, will put your impact and growth front and centre. By bringing our experience from successfully consulting more than 60 entrepreneurs, we enable you to identify and understand the “language” of your future investors and find the best possible solutions for financing your business. Achieve the impact and sustainability you desire and get fit for the capital raising adventure with us.

Preparing you for the last bits of investment readiness

  • We will support you in refining your business model and business plan to achieve financial plausibility in the eyes of potential investors.
  • We will advise you on how to identify the most appropriate types of investors and the relevant financing models based on your financial forecast and needs.

Consulting you on how to access suitable investors in our network

  • We will discuss the details of your financing strategy and model with you.
  • We will consult you in preparing and compiling all relevant documents to convince potential investors.
  • We will select and approach suitable investors from our network according to our commonly defined profile.

Supporting you to close a growth financing round

  • We will actively support and moderate the entire transaction process for you.
  • We will support you during negotiations with your short-listed investors and coordinate syndication.

Hear from those who have worked with us!

Check your “investment readiness”!

Are you interested in partnering up?

To make our collaboration fruitful, it makes sense to align our expectations beforehand. The investors in our network have a set of specific criteria which – if met – will substantially increase your chances of securing the capital you need to scale. Please check if your stage, model and impact are in line with these criteria before you contact us. Our questionnaire will help you to find out if we can be a great team in raising capital together.

Do you want to benefit from the insights of Your peers?

Sometimes, experiences from peers can be invaluable to avoid the typical pitfalls of raising investment. We have prepared a number of inspiring case studies that also feature the financing solutions developed for the entrepreneurs’ impact and growth challenges. Feel free to browse through our social enterprise case studies here