What we are looking for

FASE acts as a trusted and highly professional advisor to impact ventures. In this role, we support you in raising the growth capital you need to successfully address your social and ecological challenges and scale your impact. The following criteria are prerequisites for our support to be promising:

Outstanding social impact

  • Your business model offers a clear strategy to solve a social and/or environmental problem
  • Your impact can be measured and documented (e.g. by SRS, social KPIs)
  • Your business model is scalable

Sustainable business model with growth potential

  • The proof of concept of your model has already been achieved, e.g. with the help of one or ideally several pilot projects
  • Your financing needs range between approximately 500,000 and 5 million EUR
  • Your business model generates earned income, at least partially, for example through the sale of products or services or member contributions.

If all of this is true for the stage that your social enterprise is in, we will be pleased to get in contact and discuss a potential collaboration.

Ready to work with us? Please fill out our more detailed questionnaire first!