Nominate your impact ventures for co-investments!

FASE’s goal is to establish an open, pan-European pipeline of investment-ready impact ventures. As part of our recently awarded EU program “ESF-2022-SOC-FIN — Transaction costs to support social finance intermediaries”, we are looking for co-investments in impact ventures that strive to finance their national or European growth. Are you an investor with portfolio companies that match the below criteria? Then reach out to us!

Selection criteria

What your impact ventures should bring

  • An open funding need of up to EUR 500k (as part of a pre-Series A or Series A funding round, the total round can be up to EUR 5 million)
  • Significant scale potential, break-even in 2-3 years
  • A business model with significant proof of market (revenues EUR >500k)
  • A strong and measurable social or ecological impact
  • The ability to cover their funding needs until break-even with the current round (i.e. no bridge funding)

Which round types are suitable

  • Syndication (i.e. existing commitment, seeking further co-investors)
  • Follow-on financing round

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What we can offer

The EU program enables us to offer you a whole range of benefits. These are targeted at reducing transaction cost for investors in relatively small rounds below EUR 500k Here is what we can provide if the selection criteria above are met:

A potential co-investment by the ESIIF

  • A potential matching of existing qualified direct investors
  • Quasi-equity in the form of a subordinated loan of up to EUR 400k
  • 5-6 years maturity with a bullet repayment at the end of maturity
  • Flexible compensation package with a combination of fixed and
    variable interest payments and equity kicker
  • Attractive conditions for impact ventures due to the usage of
    EU guarantee instrument (EaSI)
  • Non-dilutive capital for founders and existing shareholders

Access to an additional investor network (if needed)

  • We offer a growing network of >1,500 impact-oriented investors

No additional transaction cost

  • Transaction cost covered by European Social Fund+ (ESF) scheme

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Do you want to reach out to us now?

We are happy to discuss with you how to empower your impact ventures’ potential with this EU program. If you are interested in collaborating, please reach out to Dr. Markus Freiburg at: