Acker System Change Allianz

Funding for the “Acker System Change Allianz – 2030 jedes Kind”. /

Did you know that 20% of children in Germany are overweight? At the same time, 30% of food ends up in the bin every year and our diet contributes significantly to climate change.

The solution is provided by Germany’s most award-winning educational organization: Acker e.V. aims to increase society’s appreciation of nature and food. More than 230,000 children have already taken part in the successful Acker education programs and learned all about nature, sustainability and growing their own vegetables. Now it’s all about the big vision: to reach every child, Acker is launching the first system change funding in Germany.

What does system change mean? By 2030, every child in Germany should experience where food comes from and how it is grown during their nursery and school careers and thus also experience contact with nature. The aim is to achieve a paradigm shift in the education system and bring about a long-term change in behavior in the population (including less food waste, healthier eating, greater awareness of nature and climate protection).

In recognition of this great work with a measurable impact, Acker e.V. received the German Sustainability Award 2023 in addition to other prizes. Acker founder Christoph Schmitz was honored as an Ashoka Fellow and Impact Entrepreneur 2023, among others.

To achieve the vision “2030 – Every Child”, Acker is establishing a new collaborative mode in venture philanthropy with the System Change Alliance and is now raising additional philanthropic capital with the support of FASE.

Interested to invest? Then please contact our Investor Relations Manager Juliane von Boeselager.

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