Tiny Library

Growth capital for Tiny Library: enabling a new standard for sustainable consumption of baby and children’s products /

Worldwide, a vast majority of materials is wasted or unusable for future purposes. This contributes to an alarming surge in waste generation. Parents are increasingly aware of the environmental challenges triggered by excessive waste creation and are open to sustainable alternatives for a safe future for their children. In addition, they also face the high costs associated with the rapid rate at which babies and small children outgrow various products.

Tiny Library developed a comprehensive product-as-a-service platform that enables parents to easily access baby and children’s’ products. Eliminating the burden of investing in expensive products that children quickly outgrow, Tiny Library provides parents with high-quality products through rental plans that cater to different budgets and durations.

In Q4/2023, Tiny Library successfully raised growth capital to grow its operations with the support of FASE.