RSO Technology

Solar-powered medical backpack for sterile surgical instruments /

RSO Technology has developed a piece of unique solar-powered disinfection equipment, which allows doctors and medical helpers in developing countries to perform surgeries with sterile instruments.  The medical backpack cleans, sanitizes and sterilizes surgical instruments only with the help of the sun and produces highly cleaned water even from germ-infested lakes or rivers. Therefore, it is perfectly suited for remote areas with low infrastructure and no access to electricity. The medical staff is able to substantially improve hygienic conditions when performing surgeries, thus lowering the risk for infections of the wounds and the expansion of diseases such as AIDS and tuberculosis. The robust equipment is easy to use, CE approved, energy-efficient and low-maintenance and was developed in cooperation with physicians and development aid workers. To complete the product, enter the market and expand its service offering, RSO Technology secured growth capital with support from FASE.