An integrated platform to boost the talent development of young people /

With talentify®, the social enterprise talent 2 talent has developed an integrated, step-by-step concept to better develop the talents, competencies and career paths of young people – independent of their socio-economic backgrounds. The goal is to create better perspectives and equal opportunities for children from economically deprived families since they often “inherit” a lower level of education and therefore become disadvantaged in their future careers. For school tutoring alone, approximately EUR 119 million is currently spent in Austria, with an estimated 100,000 households that cannot afford such support for theirs. 50% of all families consider school tutoring to be a substantial financial burden on the family. At the same time, only 5% of all tutoring hours are held from pupil to pupil. In Austria, there are currently 120,000 apprentices who are trained in 32,000 firms. The average early termination rate stands at 25%, with young migrants ending their apprenticeships even more often than their peers (39%). talentify®, therefore, developed an integrated, sustainable concept that presents a win-win situation to pupils and tutors alike. By connecting the different pillars of talent development, an effective blended learning offering is created that combines digital match-making and online content on the one hand, with onsite learning and personal peer-to-peer tutoring on the other. To scale up the three pillars of the company’s concept, talent 2 talent GmbH raised growth capital from impact investors with the help of FASE.