Sowing vegetables, reaping team spirit! Office gardening for a better appreciation of edibles in enterprises /

With its office gardening concept, AckerPause brings fresh and unique vegetable experiences to corporates and startups. The offer addresses enterprises that wish to cope with today’s challenges of fostering healthy nutrition and team spirit in their work environments. AckerPause helps clients to plan and install indoor or outdoor vegetable patches at or around corporate premises while offering the entire scope of services from planning and planting to providing materials and running workshops. AckerPause is a product of the social enterprise Ackerdemia, which to date focuses on educating youth at schools and kindergartens to appreciate and value food by growing and selling their own vegetables.  With more than 5 years of practical experience and more than 250 locations in 15 German regions as well as a nationwide network of gardening experts, Ackerdemia has a clear and sustainable competitive edge. The social enterprise strives to scale its activities and successfully raised growth capital with support from FASE, followed by a spin-out into a separate entity called AckerCompany.