An adaptive platform for digital learning and teaching in school /

bettermarks has developed a unique, adaptive learning platform comprising more than 100k interactive exercises for K-12 math curricula (grades 4-10) in English, Spanish, German and Dutch. The Company’s product is currently used by +100k students in different school systems. With its adaptive learning system, bettermarks addresses the lack of qualified teachers and underperformance of students. In Germany, the sale of user/school licenses is coordinated directly by bettermarks, while other geographical markets are covered by pursuing an out licensing strategy. Local partners with already established distribution channels in the school market – such as publishers, education platforms and government organizations – use the platform in exchange for license fees. bettermarks was founded in 2008. Before, the management team was the driving forces behind ImmobilienScout24, Germany’s leading online real estate platform, which was acquired by Deutsche Telekom in 2007 (€540m valuation) and went public in 2015 (€3billion valuation). The Company has significantly invested in platform and content development and has achieved nationwide rollouts in Uruguay and The Netherlands. In Mexico and the UK, pilot distribution deals have been successfully signed. bettermarks is now heading toward break-even, but intends to increase growth momentum and boost profitability. Therefore, the Company aims to raise investment capital, which will support the next steps for scaling internationally.

Financing needs: bettermarks wants to roll out its concept throughout emerging markets and countries where pilots have successfully completed and therefore has needs for growth capital.