Better compatibility of work and family through childcare facilities for SME /

The sira munich GmbH addressed the problem of reconciling work and family, which often arises from the lack of childcare facilities in Germany. In particular, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) experience a loss of skilled workers after childbirth and during parental leave. Despite the massive expansion of daycare centers, the state cannot currently meet the high demand for daycare places. sira want to alleviate this crisis by offering innovative mini-nurseries for SMEs. These mini-nurseries are designed demand for workers, and more quickly and cost effectively implemented.

Social Impact: The attendance rate for children under three (U3) amounts in Germany to about 33% with a nationwide care needs of an average of about 43%. In urban areas, however, the demand is much higher, because most parents have to work both to afford the higher cost of living. Affordable and appropriate childcare places are therefore particularly in demand. sira would like to achieve a better balance between work and family life through company-funded mini-nurseries and thus reduce the loss of skilled workers in SMEs significantly. To roll out its concept throughout Germany, the social enterprise successfully raised growth capital with support from FASE.