Karl Dienst WegatechThe energy revolution is in full swing and renewables are still on the rise. More and more people generate their own power from photovoltaic systems or provide their heating systems with sustainable systems. The future success of the energy transition, however, lies not only in the various techniques of energy production, but also increasingly in holistic energy systems for private households that ensure the decentralized supply of electricity and heat. So private houses can reach up to 70% of electricity and heat autarky with an intelligent combination of photovoltaic systems, heat pumps and battery storage. Thereby the customer is independent, regardless of rising energy prices and reduces its CO2 emissions sustainably.

Social Impact:
Wegatech wants to offer a customized buying platform for renewable energy techniques. The online platform provides a high level of education and also generates binding offers for the installation of sustainable energy systems. Due to the high transparency and speed of quoting (Five minutes instead of four weeks), much more customers can be advised in a traditional way. So the energy turnaround in Germany can be speeded up and a real added value is generated by a lower environmental impact while saving energy costs.

The social enteprise successfully secured growth capital for its digital consultancy and sales platform.