Patrick Mijnals Bettervest
Patrick Mijnals – Bettervest

bettervest is a crowd-funding platform for small investors that want to help companies to become energy-efficient. In order to lower their energy costs, bigger financial investments often are necessary to buy energy-efficient LED lighting etc. Thanks to bettervest these projects have the chance to find crowd-investors to leverage the investment.

Social Impact: Due to the energy efficiency projects it was possible to reduce about 600 tons of CO2. As of the time of FASE’s transaction support, bettervest had already raised ~1 Mio. Euro in capital for 21 projects.

Financing:  To increase the capacities of the bettervest team, FASE supported the social enterprise to successfully raise growth capital from impact investors in 2015.


The case study (only in German):

Case study bettervest 2015