ROCK YOUR COMPANY! (1st round)

ROCK YOUR LIFE! gGmbH has developed a highly efficient, one-on-one, pro-bono mentoring program for socially disadvantaged young people in schools. The original concept was developed in 2009 and successfully scaled with 5.000 participants all over Germany. ROCK YOUR COMPANY! extends this unique mentoring approach to companies and provides a commercial, effective, in-house mentoring solution, tailored to individual corporate customers and their mentors and mentees.

Social Impact: The social mission of RYC! is threefold: (1) Companies will get an effective tool to attract and retain talented young, non-academic employees in times of demographic change and an increasing shortage of qualified workers. RYC! will also enable companies to reduce the discontinuation rates of their apprentices and thereby reduce the overall unemployment rate of young people. (2) Young, mainly non-academic mentees can contribute and develop their skills more effectively, strengthen their own personalities and increase their loyalty to their employers. (3) Mentors will benefit from a new, fresh perspective and will develop additional soft skills by coaching young mentees and sharing their experiences.

Investment need:  The social enterprise secured initial growth capital to pilot its approach with the help of FASE.