DisAbility Performance (DP)

gregor-demblinGregor Demblin started Career Moves with the goal of creating an inclusive Austrian job market. His new venture, disAbility performance austria, is the link between commerce and people with disability. The entrepreneurial and social goal is to help companies identifying the potential in disabled people. The consulting tasks of disAbility performance austria is to show companies how the economic strength of disadvantaged people could be fully unleashed to gain more employees or consumers.

Social Impact: In Austria around 15% of the population is disabled and although they are capable and willing to work, only 40% are employed (compared to 70% of the total population). disAbility performance austria is the first intermediary between companies and disabled people with the aim to identify and use new potential. With the help of renowned business consultancies a tool was developed that measures the disAbility performance of all areas within a company (staff, products, services, supply, IT).

Investment need:  The disAbility performance austria’s growth plan is based on three streams of income which have to be fueled by growth capital.

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