Improving vocational training completion through video content /

Post-school apprenticeship vocational training (“Lehre”) is key to the German industry and 330 professions are educated and trained through these programmes. Currently, 1.4 million apprentices are pursuing an apprenticeship programme, but as of August 2015, 27.000 apprenticeship vacancies were available on the job sites of the chambers of commerce. On average, every fourth person terminates his apprenticeship programme prematurely. According to a study made by the German ministry of education (BMBF) 43% of the students made a poor conveyance of educational content responsible for their early termination. Veedu (video enhanced education) aims at improving the poor conveyance of the educational contents and as a result, reducing the terminations of apprenticeships. Veedu is offering a complimentary, modern and flexible video-enhanced educational tool for the apprentices. Each educational module is captured in a video and the service will include the possibility for the apprentice to ask questions about the content via chat, telephone and email. To increase the online video modules, the social enterprise successfully raised growth capital.