Providing a platform for independent, renewable energy, produced by citizens /

92%  of all German citizens support the increased expansion of renewable energy. Currently, half of the renewable energy facilities are managed by citizens and over one million people cover their electricity needs with proprietary solar panels. Bürgerwerke is a platform, aiming to form a strong alliance by clustering all of these individual efforts to scale effects, increase negotiation power for better prices, pool marketing and sales activities and accelerate a major shift in energy supply („Energiewende“).

Social Impact: Bürgerwerke creates a joint platform to bundle the interests of renewable energy-producing citizens. This results in better electricity prices, centralised marketing and sales and a diversified product range. Around 250 local energy producers supply energy for 11,000 households and save 18,000 tons of CO2 annually.

Financing: Following the successful pilot with 37 citizen energy producers („BürgerEnergieGesellschaften“), Bürgerwerke had plans to scale its business nationwide and successfully raised a round of financing with the help of FASE to implement this expansion step.