A simple and disruptive technology to disinfect water in developing countries /

Safe drinking water is essential for humans to survive. Yet, 1.8 million people worldwide have no or only limited access to this essential source. The solar-powered UV measurement device WADI was developed in Austria and provides an innovative and simple method to use the sun to disinfect water, which results in sustainable and affordable access to safe drinking water. The product is patent-protected and its effectiveness was confirmed by WHO (World Health Organization), with disinfection performance exceeding the harsh threshold of 99.99% in terms of water quality. Using WADI instead of the usual approach of boiling water reduces the carbon footprint. It can be transferred by HELIOZ into carbon credit certificates that customers can acquire for CO2 mitigation and CSR activities. In addition, HELIOZ distributes WADIs via NGOs, local distribution partners and corporate aid projects. Until today, 15,000 WADIS have been placed in the market in 15 collaborative projects. HELIOZ successfully raised growth capital for further expansion with support from FASE.