Saving Grains

The first grain trading platform boosting farmers’ income  /

More than 65% of the world’s 500m smallholder farmers, most of them women, are living below the poverty line. Leveraging decades of experience in the field, Saving Grainsteam developed a unique platform that enables village grain traders (called “aggregators”) to more than double their profits. Aggregators play a critical role in the value chain, which is further strengthened through an automated share of their trading profits going to the smallholder farmers. As a result, they benefit from a 50%+ profit increase. The easy trading app allows aggregators to sell grains at optimal timing and prices. In addition, micro-loans support aggregators in doubling their trading volumes. The third component in Saving Grains’ unique solution are hermetic storage bags with quality sensors that tackle the problem of low grain quality and loss due to moisture, insects, and carcinogenic aflatoxin. The social enterprise was founded in 2019 in Berlin and has a subsidiary in Ghana. So far, they have proven their model with 66 aggregators, improving their incomes and those of 260 farmers and reducing post-harvest loss by 20-30%.

Revenues are generated through a platform fee and the trading profit when Saving Grains sells crops on behalf of the customers. In 2023, the company has raised capital with support from FASE to further develop the platform, prepare for market entry in Kenya and Nigeria, and generate further revenue growth.

Watch this short video to learn more about Saving Grains: