Measuring, analyzing and developing digital competencies of employees /

A central problem in today’s educational society is the “skills gap”, the deep gap between existing and required skills, which can exclude people from equal participation. This gap is particularly acute in the area of digital competencies. While organizations have been investing a lot of money in digitalization for years and initiating complex change processes, the needs of their current and future employees are far too rarely considered. talent::digital wants to change this and therefore offers companies, administrations and organizations practical help in involving their employees in this digital transformation process. Founded in 2019 by Ashoka-Fellow Roman Rüdiger, the company has developed an intelligent software platform that uses modern data analytics to enable its customers to measure the digital skills of their employees using a “learning by gaming” method. This makes their skills clearly visible and closes knowledge gaps in a targeted manner. Instead of continuing to provide training according to the “watering can principle”, talent::digital’s customers are empowered to provide their employees with individual and tailored support (“upskilling”). talent::digital focuses on the analysis and visualization of competencies, while the training itself is provided by suitable partners. In Q1 2023, the company successfully raised capital with support from FASE to grow its operations.