Social Bee

Temporary employment model and carefree onboarding package for corporates and refugees /

The mission of Social-Bee is to overcome barriers for corporates to employ refugees – barriers that persist although the demand for skilled workers is definitely there. To date, almost 80 percent of all refugees end up in long-term unemployment situations and therefore hardly become integrated into the economic and social life within Germany. As a consequence, the state has to bear substantial social expenses. Social-Bee perceives itself as a specialized employment and integration service provider that adapted the traditional temporary employment model to the refugee situation  („social temporary employment provider”). Following a tailored selection process that is meant to identify motivated candidates, Social-Bee offers refugees a permanent job opportunity by “lending” them as workers to pre-defined corporate clients. During the employment term of up to 1.5 years, Social-Bee supports their language and professional education as well as the cultural and corporate integration through targeted programs. For corporates, this service substantially reduces the administrative burden to hire refugees and offers the opportunity to test and get to know their potential future employees. The social enterprise was founded in 2016 in Munich, Germany, and successfully raised a round to build and expand its sustainable business model.