FEMNA Health

Germany’s first telemedicine platform for women’s hormonal health /

FEMNA is Germany’s first telemedicine platform focused on women’s needs for natural, hormone-free healthcare. FEMNA enables timely and convenient access to medical doctors and naturopaths for detailed advice and therapeutic recommendations on all topics related to women’s health, from menstrual disorders to family planning and menopausal concerns. After completing a home-based test, women receive their diagnosis during virtual consultation sessions with certified healthcare experts (depending on the test, either naturopaths or doctors). FEMNA serves women aged between 25 and 45 and is based in Germany and Austria. Most health concerns are related to menstrual disorders, acne, or PMS, which OB-GYN doctors superficially treat with birth control pills. Medical visits with OB-GYNs are short and do not accommodate consultation on alternative, natural treatments for women’s concerns. Women feel rushed to accept the birth control pill as a treatment although they increasingly prefer hormone-free, holistic therapeutic solutions, such as nutritional supplements or lifestyle changes. FEMNA served 14,000 women since its inception in 2016. The social enterprise successfully raised growth capital with support from FASE to further scale in its core markets.