Ecological, inclusive, and affordable e-bicycle sharing system for cities /

Billy is starting the first dockless electric bicycle sharing system in the world out of Brussels.  Shared, free-float and electric bicycles are an inclusive solution to substantial problems associated with motorized traffic in cities. Billy extends the accessibility of cycling – as a daily means of transport and mainstream alternative to cars – by including a much larger proportion of citizens since it is gender-neutral and also serves people who are physically less fit. No helmets nor permits are required, and no storage or maintenance skills are needed. The solution is affordable, allows occasional use and is suitable for short to long distances. Billy cycling offers a very positive impact on the environment and health and helps avoid the consequences of pollution and congestion caused by motorized transport within cities.

The founders, Guillaume Verhaeghe and Pierre de Schaetzen, are driven entrepreneurs aiming to lead in the global scaling of free-float e-bike sharing.  Their vision is to offer a new generation of ‘public transport’: a shared solution for individual transport that really matches the needs for efficient and green mobility.  For the extension of the easily scalable business model, Billy successfully raised a round of financing with support from FASE Benelux.

The case study (in English):

Case Study Billy 2018