Team U

Turnaround and restart advisory for SMB – entrepreneurs, self-employed and freelancers /

There is no specific support for small and medium businesses in Germany that face critical situations, although insolvency can threaten their existence permanently. Insolvencies harm society, paralyze entrepreneurs and often exclude them from economic life for a long time. TEAM U – which comprises the non-profit entity TEAM U Restart gGmbH as well as the for-profit arm TEAM U Die Turnaround Berater GmbH – addresses this social problem. TEAM U offers both, targeted advisory services as well as pro bono consultancy, and was able to help more than 15,000 SMB entrepreneurs in critical situations to date. Now, this offering will be extended by enhancing the consulting arm as well as opening up an online help platform. Through a proprietary academy, TEAM U also aims to educate new TEAM U advisors, who, in close cooperation with the pro bono supporters, will ensure maximum social impact.

TEAM U aspires to a culture in which crisis is seen as a learning opportunity toward business success and where entrepreneurs who failed get a second chance. This paradigm shift is urgently needed to boost entrepreneurship in general and especially social entrepreneurship. Those who act innovatively also take risks and can thus fail. Therefore, a support system for entrepreneurs in peril where they get professional help and personal guidance to manage a successful restart is a necessary step. To implement these growth steps, TEAM U has raised a second round of impact investment with the support of FASE.