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Robert Greve Schule+Robert Greve has created a unique social online-network connecting schools with external partners, who offer various external offers to enrich the schooling curriculum. This discharges the teachers and enhances the lectures to become more modern and professional concerning todays increasing societal demands.

Social Impact: the online market place is free of charge for schools and connects them with companies, cultural institutions, experts and sporting clubs (for example via a virtual pin board), that offer extra-curricular projects to enhance the learning of students. Additionally teachers are relieved and have more time to spare. During the three months trial period more than 40% of all schools of Berlin were registered and used the offer. With the national wide roll-out around 80.000 teachers and approx. 120.000 companies will be reached by 2018.

Impact Opportunity: For the national roll-out funding is needed. Revenues are generated with a premium-partner-model. All companies pay extra for an extended company profile.