Schule Plus

Robert Greve – SchulePLUS

Robert Greve has created a unique social online network that connects schools with external partners, who offer various external projects and activities to enrich the curriculum. This unburdens teachers and enhances the lecture quality in a way that it becomes more modern and professional and is able to meet today’s increasing demands.

Social Impact: the online marketplace is free of charge for schools and connects them with companies, cultural institutions, experts and sporting clubs (for example via a virtual pinboard), that offer extra-curricular projects to enhance the learning of students. Additionally, teachers are relieved and have more time to spare. During the three months trial period, more than 40% of all schools in Berlin were registered and actively used this offering. With the nationwide roll-out, around 80,000 teachers and approx. 120,000 companies are intended to be reached by 2018.

Financing: For the natiowide roll-out, the social enterprise was in need of funding and successfully raised growth capital with support from FASE.


The case study:

Case study SchulePLUS 2014